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No matter what is ailing you we have something that can improve your situation. We deliver compassionate and caring therapy tailored to your specific needs when you visit us. This is fundamental, in our opinion, to establishing a good outcome for the client.

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Stress & Anxiety Disorders
Panic Attacks
IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome
OCDObsessive Compulsive Disorder
Fertility issues
Eating Disorders
Skin Disorders – Eczema & Psoriasis
Hypertension – Hypnotension
Fears & Phobias
PTSD  – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Sports Performance
Confidence & Self-Esteem
Habits & Compulsions
Emotional Issues
Smoking Cessation – Quit4Life
Weight Loss – Hypno-Band
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What can I do for you?

My practice has been built upon the basis of a duty of care towards my clients and always giving helpful advice and guidance on the various issues. I pride myself in offering a caring and compassionate treatment to all. I have experience in treating the terminally ill, as well as the more able and younger adults. All patients receive a factual and informed treatment.

My specialist areas are as follows:-

Stress and Anxiety – Alone these are bad enough,
but combined with the two issues above, they go
to trigger events. These can be IBS, OCD, PTSD, but
also breathing difficulties and Hyperhydrosis etc.
I have a treatment plan that includes the use of
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Hypnosis to
assist you in addressing your stressors and
removing your anxiety, resulting in the
eradication of both from your life. Thus enabling
you to have the life you really want.

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You have searched for one of the issues, illnesses
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Are you just looking for information? That’s OK.
I don’t mind being a font of knowledge.

On a more serious note you may well be here
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here because you need quick HELP! Then have a
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products that are available for you.
If however you need specific targeted and
concentrated help. or assistance with a difficult
issue I haven’t covered in the downloads:

You can Skype me – User Name Hypnofix, or you
can email me, (from the contacts page), outlining
the problem and we can arrange a time to speak
that’s convenient to both of us. Alternatively,
ring me on 01384 621857 .

That’s OK Too! So there is no panic and there
is the opportunity for a start on what ever the
issue is almost immediately!

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Latest From The Blog

Reduce stress, anxiety and depression in children

  • February 24th, 2016

Reduce stress, anxiety and depression in children

Primary school hires a hypnotherapist to help children as young as four cope with stress and depression

Reduce stress, anxiety and depression in children - A primary school has hired a hypnotherapist to help children as young as four cope with 'stress and depression'. St Mary's CE School in Rawtenstall, in Lancashire, has hired Anne Cartridge, 48, to run workshops with staff so they can pass on their anti-stress tips to the 194-primary school pupils.  The mother-of-two, who runs a course called 'In Mind Therapies', has already run workshops with youth volunteers at the school.   Ms Cartridge said her courses reduce stress, anxiety and depression in children as young as four.

St Mary's CE School in Rawtenstall, in Lancashire, has hired Anne Cartridge, 48, to run workshops with staff so they can pass on their anti-stress tips to the 194-primary school pupils

St Mary's CE School in Rawtenstall, in Lancashire, has hired Anne Cartridge, 48, to run workshops with staff so they can pass on their anti-stress tips to the 194-primary school pupils The NHS does not currently recommend hypnotherapy for [...]

Don’t worry, be happy

  • February 23rd, 2016

Don’t worry, be happy: Stress, anxiety could lead to dementia

Don’t worry - Experts say that chronic stress can wreak havoc on immune, metabolic and cardiovascular systems, and lead to atrophy of the brain’s hippocampus--crucial for long-term memory and spatial navigation. Here’s something so that you start taking stress more seriously. People who suffer from chronic stress and anxiety may be at an increased risk for developing depression and even dementia, says a new study suggests. Experiencing anxiety, fear and stress is considered a normal part of life when it is occasional and temporary, such as feeling anxious and stressed before an exam or a job interview.
However, when those acute emotional reactions become more frequent or chronic, they can significantly interfere with daily living activities such as work, school and relationships, according to researchers at Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest Health Sciences in Canada. Chronic stress is a pathological state that is caused by prolonged activation of the normal acute physiological stress response, which can wreak havoc on immune, metabolic and cardiovascular systems, and lead to atrophy of the brain’s hippocampus --crucial for long-term memory and spatial navigation. Researchers [...]

Benefit from Hypnotherapy

  • February 23rd, 2016

Benefit from Hypnotherapy

Mesothelioma Patients May Benefit from Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapist is treating a woman
The word “hypnotism” used to scare me. My mom taught us to avoid it, though I never understood the reasons behind the warning. I certainly didn’t want someone else “taking control” of my mind. I recently discovered hypnotherapy for myself. After several appointments with Sandy Drenner, a hypnotist and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner in Orlando, I can tell you firsthand there is nothing to fear. She helped me process some self-esteem issues and also helped me to form new beliefs about how I define success. And when I discovered hypnotism can benefit mesothelioma patients and their friends and family, I knew it was time to learn even more about it. So I spoke with Drenner at length about the topic. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

The Hidden Wonders of Hypnotism

Q: How can hypnotherapy be useful for patients with mesothelioma and their loved ones? A: Clinical/Medical Support Hypnotherapy can provide support physically and emotionally. Clients can be taught how to calm the body using self-hypnosis, how to manage the effects of pain, allowing the [...]

Our Happy Clients

My Mom has suffered with a fear of thunder storms for most of her life. To say she was terrified was an understatement. She would feel physically sick, have an upset stomach and get anxious even if a storm was forecast. She attended just one hypnotherapy session with Philip Green and since then she has been a different person. Somehow, she has learnt to control her fear and a couple of months ago she actually stood outside with me in my garden during a storm; I couldn’t believe it!!! To anyone considering hypnotherapy I would say “give it a go”. It certainly worked for my mom and it really has changed her life.
Kim Artess - Bilston, Individual
I was diagnosed this year with IBS after suffering for years with diarrhoea. I was desperate for an solution to being normal again and it was so embarrassing after urgent visits 10 to 15 times a day to the toilet which had started to take over my life. Phil was able to guide me through hypnosis to provide the answers and how to move forward by other treatments with professional colonic hydrotherapy by Gillian Edwards. Phil was able to give me a route to find my trigger foods. Since I have seen Phil I have professional counselling lined up in November. It was the professional guidance I was so in need off. Thanks Phil
David Potter - Lichfield, Individual
I have used Phil Green after struggling for years with a problem called target panic which is a shyness of the target in field archery. Phil has given me confidence and all the tools I need to have put this target panic to rest once and for all. I only had 5 sessions and even though I have not been able to go to many competitions recently I went on one last Sunday and won easily, I couldn’t have done it without Phil’s help….thanks
Philip Johnson - Brierley Hill, Individual
I began seeing Phil for a number of reasons. The main one being IBS. I’ve been a sufferer for a few years now and my symptoms had been worsening over the past 7 months having recently starting my job as a Newly Qualified Teacher. I found myself under an enormous amount of pressure, feeling depressed, stressed and lonely – to name a few. But after only a few sessions I’ve found myself in a much better place. I’ve changed my diet at Phil’s recommendation and have been given remedies/hypnosis to help ease my stress and change my way of thinking. With this change in diet, my symptoms have lessened and with that, I’ve been feeling healthier and more energetic. Feelings of panic at the thought of eating out a restaurant have disappeared and listening to Phil’s hypnosis recordings have helped my confidence, self-esteem and feelings of stress at work. I cannot believe the changes I’ve made in just a matter of weeks and I cannot recommend Phil enough if you, like myself, have had your life run by IBS.
T P - Tipton, Individual
Before last year, and for as long as I can remember I had a food aversion issue which meant I would not eat any fruit or vegetables whatsoever. That was until last year when I met Phil. I had a consultation with Phil who took the time to understand me and my problem and tailored two sessions to address it. Since then I now eat lots of different fruit & veg, some that I considered to be my worst nightmare before those sessions and as a result Phil has changed my life so much. Food shopping, dinner parties, eating in restaurants and eating at home is so much easier and most importantly I feel in the best shape of my life. My friends and family cannot believe the change in me. Thank you Phil
Jonathan Whittaker - Dudley, Individual
Hi Phil, Just wanted to let you know I weighed me this morning and I’ve lost just over 2 lb! I’m thrilled because I don’t feel like I’ve been trying at all, just naturally having smaller amounts with out the battle in my head saying I need more! And I haven’t had a chocolate bar since I saw you and I haven’t even noticed till last night when I was looking at my food and poo diary lol! Can’t wait for my session on Tuesday 🙂
Emma S - Dudley, Individual
My 20 year old son developed a rash on his inner thigh at age 18 in March 2011.  After 5 wasted months of visiting a GP with “an interest in Dermatology”, and an overnight stay in the A + E, he was finally referred to a Consultant Dermatologist at Russell’s Hall Hospital, who diagnosed Chronic Atopic Eczema.   In the last 2 years he has taken steroids, course after course of antibiotics, cyclosporine and intraconazole – all drugs with very dangerous side effects and all to no avail – with the common line being – there is no cure, you just have it, it must be in the family. Phil Green was known to us.  When we saw his Hypnofix website, we decided to give it a try – thinking it cannot do any harm and may do some good. Since he was 9 my son had lost 5 of his closest relatives and seen another with breast cancer, and we wondered if there may be a link to stress.  Sure enough on his first hypnotherapy session Phil found him to be holding all this grief inside – he was also very angry and resented loosing everyone close to him.  The results after just one session were quite remarkable, as he seemed calmer and more relaxed than he had been in some time. Phil has also helped us keep a Food, Mood and Symptom diary, during which time we seem to have identified wheat /yeast as a trigger for breakouts.  Phil also advised revisiting our GP to insist on hormonal blood tests, an area which had never been checked.  Following these tests a problem with his cortisol levels has been identified and we are now waiting to see an endocrinologist for further investigations. Although his eczema has not gone completely, it has toned down considerably during his sessions with Phil.  His mood and outlook is much more positive – Phils’ help and advice has been invaluable – someone to talk to with the time and patience to look at this problem from a different angle. Many Thanks YR  Dudley
L.R. - Dudley, Individual