Manchester United’s Darren Fletcher

Manchester United’s Darren Fletcher

Darren Fletcher has offered no guarantees that he will be back in the Manchester United side next season, having turned to hypnotherapy among other treatments in an attempt to beat a career-threatening bowel condition. The 28-year-old said IBSSlogohis aim was to return in August, following the diagnosis of his debilitating ulcerative colitis, though that seems to be an aspiration rather than a certainty.

“I’m OK,” Fletcher said. “I’m taking all my medication and listening to the doctor. It’s a week-by-week situation so I’ve not got any timescale on recovery, but the target for me is next season now. If I can come back then that would be great for me.

“It’s something that will never leave me, but you have to find somehow a way to manage it. I’m trying everything under the sun – diet, hypnotherapy.”

Fletcher, who has been working with United reserves during his time on the sidelines, was speaking at a Manchester United Foundation lunch.

Professor Chris Probert, a consultant gastroenterologist at the Royal Liverpool Hospital, has said he would be “very surprised” if Fletcher could perform again at his former level. “He must have been extremely fit to have been able to play for as long as he has,” Probert said. “It seems inconceivable that he would not have had his performance impaired somehow by the condition and it’s no surprise that he’s been forced to take short breaks from time to time.”

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Artistic inspiration

Artistic inspiration

Artistic inspiration through hypnotherapy

Not many of us seek help or guidance from our inner or higher self, to tap into a creative reservoir. Recently, English rock band Coldplay are believed to have experimented with hypnotherapy to unleash their creative powers in the process of creating their next album. An interesting method employed by the frontman

Chris Martin and his bandmates to let loose during writing sessions for their latest release.
It’s not uncommon for creative people to seek inspiration, ideas from their subconscious mind. We checked with hypnotherapists to understand this phenomenon.

According to psychotherapist and hypnotherapist Mallika Bhatia, more and more people, especially those in the creative field have come forward to explore their life purpose through hypnotherapy. She shares, “An artist had come to me some time ago to seek help for relationship issues. During regression session with her, she saw herself as an artist in one of her previous lives nearly 100 years ago. We didn’t look deeper into it as it wasn’t her core issue. But a few weeks later, she asked if she could pick up painting techniques from her life in that era as an artist. So, she went into regression and learnt few techniques. She said later, it had helped her immensely in her career.”

For those who believe or fear that hypnosis is life threatening, Dr Bhatia clears the air. “Hypnosis is a guided meditation, where a therapist gives suggestions to the client and helps him/her achieve a relaxed (hypnotic) state and access the subconscious mind. We all know meditation increases one’s productivity and it’s a safe technique but must […]

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Antony Cotton’s I’m A Celeb hypnotherapy

Antony Cotton’s I’m A Celeb hypnotherapy

Antony Cotton had hypnotherapy and saw a therapist to get over his fears prior to taking part in ‘I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!’.

Antony Cotton's I'm A Celeb hypnotherapy

Antony Cotton underwent therapy to conquer his fears before taking part in ‘I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!’.

The 36-year-old actor – who is best known for playing Sean Tully in ‘Coronation Street’ – also had hypnotherapy to get over his phobias of heights, flying and small spaces and is hoping his stint in the Australian jungle will make him well and truly overcome his worries.

He said: “I have a morbid fear of flying. I don’t like heights and I am claustrophobic. I have had hypnotherapy and I have also been to therapy to face my fears.

“The therapy was amazing even though in the days leading up to going in the jungle, I did have moments where I wondered why on earth I had said yes! But life is to live and so I think ‘Why not do it?’

“Doing this show is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am hoping it will make me face up to my fears.”

Antony believes he will be a good campmate as he has many useful skills for surviving in a group in the great outdoors, but admits he can’t stand confrontation.

He said: “I am a good cook. I’d also like to think I am a good shoulder to cry on. I am really looking forward to meeting new people and making some nice friends. I am practical too. I am a leader and I like to make sure things are done […]

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My bedtime secret is addiction to hypnotherapy

BBC star Evan Davis: My bedtime secret is addiction to hypnotherapy

Evan Davis, the presenter of the Today programme and Dragons’ Den, shares his secrets for a good night’s sleep.

Evan Davis

Evan Davis is known for his ‘punk’ outfits and jewellery in unusual places Photo: Rex Features
 Sleep is an important issue for Evan Davis, who needs to get up at 3.15am. Now, the presenter of Radio 4’s Today programme has revealed his bedtime secrets, and they are just as unconventional as other aspects of his life.

Davis, 49, tells Mandrake that he relies on his long-term companion, the French landscape architect Guillaume Baltz — and hypnotherapy.

“The blackout blind comes down, he’ll shut the curtains, I go to bed and he puts on the tape,” says Davis, who also presents the BBC Two television programme Dragons’ Den.

“It’s a nice little tape that tells me to go to sleep. It’s hypnosis. It’s a bloke going, ‘Go to sleep’. It really works.”

Davis, speaking after his bedtime at a talk about his new book, Made in Britain, at Foyles, tells me that the recording works so well he is now unable to fall asleep without it.

“It fills your brain with soft fluff that slowly eases out all the stimulating things that you’re thinking,” says the presenter, who is known for his “punk” outfits and jewellery in unusual places.

“There are one or two — I won’t name them because it is probably against BBC policy to do so — but I very rarely get 15 minutes into it without it knocking me to sleep. I’ve never enjoyed sleep as much until I got the Today job. There is something about early sleep […]

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Agoraphobia and Panic Attacks

Agoraphobia and Panic Attacks

Louie Spence reveals secret 30-year battle with agoraphobia and panic attacks

HE is one of TV’s most flamboyant stars. But dance expert Louie Spence today reveals he has fought a 30-year battle with panic attacks and ­a fear of being outdoors. It affects him so badly that despite his fame and wealth he is still too nervy to move out of his ­modest London council flat. Louie, 42, said: “To this day the flat is only place I feel safe. I still suffer with anxiety every day. It’s not just going to disappear ­because ­people know who I am. “I go in, shut the door, sit on my sofa and I’m safe.” It is the first time the star, who burst on to TV screens in ­Pineapple Dance Studios last year, has felt able to speak out about the condition, which first struck when he was 12 years old. He added: “To control it I’ve had therapy and hypnotherapy and I’m able to deal with it far better now. I know I’m not going to die.”

Source: by Dean Piper, Sunday Mirror 17/04/2011 Read more:

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Worries are tying you in knots

Worries are tying you in knots? Time to try therapy

After a series of therapy sessions dispelled her deep-seated anxieties and fears, Anouchka Grose trained as a psychoanalyst herself. Here she explains how the right therapist can transform your life

Anouchka Grose on how the right therapist can transform your life


There’s something about paying someone to listen to you talking about your life that goes against many people’s sense of reason. Especially perhaps the British. Yet there are tens of thousands of therapists working in the UK, so quite a few of us must think it’s worth the money. I probably have an unusual take on the subject because I and nearly everyone I hang out with has been (or is being) psychoanalysed. This is partly because I spend a lot of time with fellow analysts, but also because I seem to be drawn to angst, self-questioning people. It’s odd that I ended up in this voluntary therapy ghetto, because my parents were in the ‘pull yourself together’ mould. But I loved Woody Allen and Frasier, so when I became afraid of the dark in my early 20s, I didn’t object when my GP suggested I see a psychotherapist.

My first NHS shrink managed to wean me off the idea that my night fears were caused by the lost memory of some trauma or abuse, and got me to take responsibility for my own destructive thoughts. I had to own up to hating a few people I claimed to love, and to loving a few people I claimed to hate – including myself and certain family members. I was constantly afraid of being attacked by an intruder while […]

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Cheer up

Cheer up

Jack Dee is back with Lead Balloon but what will it take for him to cheer up?

Rick Spleen is a ‘what-if version of me’, says Jack Dee. Well what if we made it our mission to cheer him up?

There’s a dark cloud approaching … oh, and the weather doesn’t look too great either. The cloud in question is Jack Dee, comedy’s most lovable grump, who has agreed to let the Guardian and its very own crack team of happiness experts spend the day trying to cheer him up. Of course, when we say “crack team of happiness experts” what we actually mean is a journalist with a ticket for the duck bus.

The plan is as follows. We’ll board the London Duck Tour‘s amphibious vehicle at Waterloo station and travel by land and sea (well, the Thames) through the capital while bringing joy and happiness into Jack’s gloomy world. Along the way we might even chat about Lead Balloon (Dee’s sitcom is back for a fourth and final series) and Jack’s status as a bit of a Brit comedy icon.

“Now, you might have noticed that this bus has a name – Rosalind,” announces, Craig, our tour guide for the day, as the Duck Tour driver revs the engine. “All of our buses are named after heroines from Shakespeare’s plays. This one was originally going to be called Ophelia but if you’ve read Hamlet you’ll know she drowned at the end, so it’s probably a […]

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Sports Hypnosis

Sports Hypnosis

Sports Hypnosis – Get the edge and find out how it can make you a great performer

Whether you simply want to feel more motivated to go to the gym, or whether you need a competitive edge to win. I use hypnosis to eliminate many obstacles that can be removed from your mind leading you effortlessly towards your goals and desires.

Sports hypnosis is now in the mainstream of sports development. The mind is part of the art of great performance – no mental direction – no performance. The points raised below will allow you to appreciate the importance of non interrupted and controlled visualisation that can achieve the desired results. The history of hypnosis in sport goes back to the 1956 Olympics where the Russians are testament to that winning for what is now the  Soviet Union 37 (Gold)     29 (Silver)     32 (bronze)     98 (total)

They took 11 hypnotherapists to the games.

The biggest percentage of sports people coming to visit Sports hypnotherapists tends to be those wishing to improve their golf. However, hypnosis can be equally useful with all kinds of individual and competitive sports. The greatest of champions and athletes also tend to be the ones who have learned to think successfully, they have mastered the psychology of their individual sport. You can do this too…

Hypnosis in sports performance is focussed on enhancing the mental state of that sportsperson or team. Achieving the edge in competition, one contestant over another is what its all about. Could be described as YOUR secret weapon, no one need know if you don’t wish them too. Consultations are done usually away from […]

Hypnosis in Sport

Hypnosis in Sport

In recent times, the sporting press have reported on an increasing number of positive applications of hypnosis in sports settings, with the usual sceptism now being replaced with interest and a new respect for this valuable mental tool. These examples are also not limited to relatively unknown athletes – the Beijing Olympics, for example, saw at least two gold medallists attributing some of their success to hypnotherapy (The Age, 2008; SFGate, 2008), and more recently in the UK, Ipswich Town (The Daily Telegraph, 2009) and Swindon Town (Wales Online, 2008) football clubs have employed hypnotherapists to improve their performance. These instances are only a sample of the actual reports from the last 12 months, with karate, MotoGP, rugby, American football, basketball and cycling also making the news (CSH, 2009).

What is perhaps most startling about these examples is that they are public knowledge at all. Sports psychology, while rapidly gaining credibility, is still too often either dismissed as unnecessary, or used as a last resort, and if this established psychological discipline suffers from image problems, then hypnosis has an even tougher battle ahead. Many sportspeople will not admit to having used sports psychology or hypnotherapy for fear of being ridiculed or viewed unfavourably by team mates or coaches, but there is no doubt that the demand for these services is now increasing, as it becomes more acceptable to talk about the mental aspects of sport, and the efficacy of psychological interventions becomes more widely known.

As with clinical hypnotherapy, hypnosis in sport is not an intervention on its own, but rather an additional tool, which can be used to enhance existing sports psychology interventions. A good example would be imagery – in sports psychology, […]

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Golf Think Away Your ‘Double Bogey’ Baggage

Golf Think Away Your ‘Double Bogey’ Baggage

Millions of golfers stand at the first tee, address the ball, take their swing, and then wonder why they can’t achieve the coveted level of play that Tiger Woods has been known for year after year. “The answer is rigid training and, of course, total focus on your game,” explains Dr. Kenneth Grossman, internationally-known golf hypnotherapist. “Unfortunately, Mr. Woods has lost that intense game focus because of distracting and very negative mental chatter caused by his recent personal issues.”

Dr. Grossman, who was recently quoted in a Time Magazine article (April 4, 2010 Edition), “Tiger at the Masters: A Test of Mental Preparation”, has been counseling professional golfers and other athletes around the world for over 30 years. “One of the major problems with golfers is that they can drag all their problems such as marriage, health, money, and low self-confidence issues with them at every hole.” He went on to point out that, “Many golfers not only carry their golf bag around 18 holes but they also drag an even heavier bag of personal problems as well. This excess baggage is a major cause of sub-par performance.”

As many pros have said, “Golf is truly a mental game.” Dr. Grossman has observed that when players don’t do well, such as Tiger Woods’ recent inability to make the cut at Quail Hollow or withdrawing from the Players Championship after only six holes, it’s often because of tension, outside distractions and symptoms of anxiety. “Hypnosis is a tool that counteracts stress and helps a golfer to relax physically and mentally,” added Grossman.

Dr. Kenneth Grossman has trained thousands of golfers in self-hypnosis, a process whereby your conscious mind steps out of the […]