Your Guide To Hypnosis

Your Guide To Hypnosis

There are many stories about hypnosis and hypnotherapy being dangerous, turning people into chickens, people not being able to wake up, and unscrupulous hypnotists exploiting their ‘vulnerable’ patients. However there are many people who are adamant that it has helped change their lives, some from Dudley, Tipton, Wolverhampton and much further afield – I know of for sure. I have helped them succeed in their goals. Millions of people swear that it has helped them with many issues such as weight loss, quitting smoking, other addictions, confidence, phobias, stress, success, IBS, and many more issues.

Many people are missing out on this powerful, yet very safe therapeutic tool because they are too afraid to use it. I hope to dispel these fears by answering these common questions about hypnotherapy right here and now!.

Can I be hypnotised? Most people can go into a hypnotic trance. The only types of people that cannot be hypnotised are … 1. Those suffering from psychosis or a thought disorder 2. A person with a low IQ 3. A person who does not want to be hypnotised. It is very easy to resist hypnosis if you want to.
What is a hypnotic trance? It is a normal and natural state that most of us experience several times a day without even knowing it. It commonly happens when people are driving. Have you ever driven somewhere and not really remembered the journey?, I have just missed my junction. It also often occurs when reading a book or watching TV. Sometimes you can be so absorbed in the book or TV programme that you are not consciously aware that someone is talking to you, or even where you are sat. Hypnosis […]

CBT on prescription, pick it up at the library?

CBT on prescription, pick it up at the library? Wiltshire embraces new scheme to help depression through reading

The library facility at County Hall, Trowbridge The library facility at County Hall, Trowbridge

A new scheme which uses reading to help the six million people in England who suffer from conditions such as depression and anxiety, is now available to access in libraries across Wiltshire.

Reading Well Books on Prescription will enable GPs and other health professionals to recommend 30 self-help titles for people to borrow from the local library. The service, which launched nationally last Tuesday, is now being put into place in public libraries across England.

It is a joint initiative from independent charity The Reading Agency and the Society of Chief Librarians, working with local library services and LIFT Psychology Teams, and offers people self-help books from the library as part of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) prescribed by a health professional.

Wiltshire Council, in partnership with Swindon Borough Council, will both have multiple copies of the core list of 30 titles covering issues such as anxiety, depression, phobias, panic attacks, bulimia and sleep problems. The titles will be available to borrow free of charge from local library branches or online through the request service.

Jonathon Seed, cabinet member for libraries, said: “This scheme will allow anyone in Wiltshire, in need of such support, to access self-help books locally and for free. Our libraries are friendly, community focused places, so I am delighted we are able to participate and help support the health and well-being of many local people.”

4:59pm Tuesday 11th June 2013 in News


Comment: A brilliant idea! More CCG’s should follow this example. The more a patient […]

PTSD – Are you Traumatised and Stressed?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder isn’t an exclusive for war veterans! Anyone can have it given they have been in the wrong place at the wrong time so to speak. That’s not dispelling or minimising the after affects of war either.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder can affect people who have been in natural disasters, air crashes, boat sinking ‘s, in fact accidents and catastrophic events even a car accident PSTD can affect you.

Here are some facts about PTSD.

It’s natural to be afraid when you’re in danger. It’s natural to be upset when something bad happens to you or your loved ones or even someone you know. But if you feel afraid and upset weeks or months later, it’s time to talk with your doctor. You might have post-traumatic stress disorder.

What is post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD?

PTSD is a real illness I’ll make that quite clear. You can get PTSD after living through or experiencing or seeing a dangerous event, such as war, a hurricane, or bad accident. PTSD makes you feel stressed and afraid even after the ‘REAL’ danger is over. It affects your life and the people around you.

If you have PTSD, you can get treatment and feel better.

Who gets PTSD?

  1. PTSD can happen to anyone at any age.
  2. Children get PTSD too.
  3. Witnessing domestic violence could trigger it
  4. You don’t have to be physically hurt to get PTSD. You can get it after you see other people, such as a friend or family member, get hurt.

What causes PTSD?

Living through or seeing something that’s upsetting and dangerous can cause PTSD. This can include:

  1. Being a victim of or seeing violence
  2. The death or serious illness of a loved one
  3. War or combat
  4. Car accidents and plane crashes
  5. Hurricanes, tornadoes, and house & bush fires
  6. Violent crimes, like a […]
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What can I achieve?

What can I achieve?

What can I achieve with Clinical Hypnosis?

The list below is not in anyway complete but goes to demonstrate what hypnosis can help with. Clinical Hypnosis can improve the situation of many issues. Is what your looking for there? if not email us via the contact page and ask what we can do to help YOU!

Academic Excellence,
Anger Management,
Anxiety attacks,
Aversion to Public Speaking,

Back Pain,
Bed Wetting (Enuresis),
Binge Eating,
Binge Drinking,
Blood Pressure,
Boosting Confidence,
Boosting self-confidence,
Bruxism (Grinding Teeth),

Caffeine Addiction,
Caring for the Terminally Ill,
CFS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,
Chocolate Addiction,
Chronic Pain,
Compulsive/Obsessive OCD,

Dealing with Difficult People,
Dental Problems,
Diarrhea, Diarrhoea
Drink More Water,
Stop Drinking Fizzy Drinks (Pop/Soda),
Driving Test Nerves,
Drug Abuse,

Ease Eczema,
Eat Healthy,
Eat Slowly,
Eating Disorders,
Emotional Problems,
Exam Nerves,
Exercise Motivation,

Failure Syndrome,
Fears (Flying, etc.),
Feelings of guilt,

Gain Weight,
General Health,
Get Rid of Migraines,
Goal Setting,
Guilt Feelings,
Gym Motivation,

Hay Fever,
Headaches and Migraine,
Healing Power Hypnosis,
Healthy Lifestyle,
Helping with exams nerves,
High Blood Pressure,
Hot Flashes,
Hypnosis & Cancer Treatment,
Hysterical Symptoms,
Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS*,

Improve Posture,
Improving concentration and memory,
Improving sports performance,
Increased Sales Effectiveness,
Infertility Hypnosis,
Inflammatorybowel disease,

Jetlag Reliever


Learning Difficulties,
Lip Biting,
Living and dealing with IBS,
Low or High Blood Pressure,

Marital Problems,
Memory Improvement,
Menstrual Tension,
Morning Sickness,
Motivation Problems,
MRI Scan Anxiety,

Negative Thinking,


Pain Management,
Pain relief,
Panic Attacks,
Performance Anxiety,
Personal Development
Personal perspectives,
Phobias & Fears,
Poor Circulation,
Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD),
Prepare for Surgery,
Presentation Nerves,
Public Speaking,

Quit Smoking , Quit4Life,

Relaxation and Sleep,

Sales Performance,
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD),
Self Belief,
Self Consciousness,
Self Development,
Self Esteem,
Self help,
Smoking Cessation,
Social Phobia/Social Anxiety,
Sports Abilities,
Sports Improvement,
Sports Motivation,
Sports Performance
Sports Psychology,
Stage Fright,
Stammering & Stuttering,
Stop Facial Tics,
Stop Nose Picking,
Stop Thumb Sucking,
Stress Management,

Teeth Grinding,
Tension Headaches,
Test / Exam Anxiety,
Thumb Sucking,
Travel Fright,
Travel Sickness,


Weight control

Claire Dares… Hypnosis

Claire Dares… Hypnosis

The first of Claire Adams’ on-going series where she tries out things she would normally not have considered. How did she get on in the hypnotist’s chair?

Last week when I was asked to be hypnotised against my fear of heights, all manner of pre-conceptions entered my head; I was convinced they would make me believe I was a goat in a Paul McKenna-style way.When I arrived at the Alexander Practice though, I was immediately put at ease; he talked me through exactly what was going to happen so I let him work his magic on me.  The relaxing music began and Geoffrey began his talk – and, in case you’re wondering, there was no swinging clock.I was under for 35 minutes and I have to say I remember most of it.  I was fully aware of what was happening the whole way through, it was like day dreaming in a way, sort of half awake and half asleep – a state I’m in most days to be honest. Claire Adams

                                                                                             Claire Adams
So the real question has to be, has it worked????

For the first 15 minutes or so, Geoffrey talked me through relaxing the muscles in my body – it worked, I couldn’t feel the chair I was sat on, my hands were completely numb and my mouth was wide open but I couldn’t shut it (not very attractive).


Well, on my return, I hauled myself onto the top level of the … car park and peered […]

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Spider Phobia

Spider Phobia

I’m a Celeb Matt Claxton Gets Over His Spider Phobia    Since the treatment I also haven’t had a fear of a spiders, but I haven’t been that close to them 

THE bug handler in charge of the Bushtucker Trials has a crippling fear of spiders. Trials producer Matt Claxton, 34, was so scared of creepy crawlies he needed hypnotherapy before flying to Oz. Petrified Matt, who sets insects on the celebs during the stomach-churning trials, said: “Before I came out I had hypnosis to try to cure me of my fear of spiders. “There were also a few of other critters I wasn’t sure about. “It’s definitely cured me of fearing things like cockroaches. “Since the treatment I also haven’t had a fear of a spiders, but I haven’t been that close to them.”

Source: 14th November 2011 By Daily Star reporter –

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Antony Cotton’s I’m A Celeb hypnotherapy

Antony Cotton’s I’m A Celeb hypnotherapy

Antony Cotton had hypnotherapy and saw a therapist to get over his fears prior to taking part in ‘I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!’.

Antony Cotton's I'm A Celeb hypnotherapy

Antony Cotton underwent therapy to conquer his fears before taking part in ‘I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!’.

The 36-year-old actor – who is best known for playing Sean Tully in ‘Coronation Street’ – also had hypnotherapy to get over his phobias of heights, flying and small spaces and is hoping his stint in the Australian jungle will make him well and truly overcome his worries.

He said: “I have a morbid fear of flying. I don’t like heights and I am claustrophobic. I have had hypnotherapy and I have also been to therapy to face my fears.

“The therapy was amazing even though in the days leading up to going in the jungle, I did have moments where I wondered why on earth I had said yes! But life is to live and so I think ‘Why not do it?’

“Doing this show is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am hoping it will make me face up to my fears.”

Antony believes he will be a good campmate as he has many useful skills for surviving in a group in the great outdoors, but admits he can’t stand confrontation.

He said: “I am a good cook. I’d also like to think I am a good shoulder to cry on. I am really looking forward to meeting new people and making some nice friends. I am practical too. I am a leader and I like to make sure things are done […]

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Shy, ugly and worthless

Shy, ugly and worthless

I feel shy, ugly and worthless

MY life is a mess. I have extreme social phobia and I think this is why my life is in such a state.

I am 17. I have always been extremely shy and I get uncomfortable when I’m around people. I feel like they’re looking at me oddly or talking about me.

When I have to talk to people it’s even worse. My voice goes all weird, and I get sweaty and have a lump in my throat. I panic big-time.

I have no friends. I never made friends in school. I’ve never been in a relationship. I don’t go out even though I want to. I spend all my time in my room. I feel it’s too late to make friends.

No one notices me when I am in college. They know me as the shy girl who doesn’t talk, so they don’t talk to me. I want to quit and get a job but the idea of having a job scares me too.

I feel so depressed. I cry a lot and feel so alone. It’s like everyone is getting on with their lives while I’m wasting mine.

I hate my body. I feel ugly although some people have called me pretty. I hate everything about myself and I feel worthless – like everyone hates me and I don’t deserve to be happy.

I am too scared to tell anyone as I really don’t think they will understand.


There are plenty who will understand and they can help you. Social phobia, extreme shyness and feelings of panic aren’t as unusual as you think. There are others like you.

Don’t wait any longer. Get help […]

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Train your mind to keep you calm

Train your mind to keep you calm

I’m sceptical about the benefits of old-fashioned hypnotism but one area that’s exciting is the use of hypnotherapy to help people find inner control over something that makes them anxious.

Self-hypnosis is proving to be an effective way for people to gain power in situations where they would otherwise feel helpless.

Two great techniques that have really taken off recently are hypnobirthing, which helps women feel in control and relaxed during childbirth, and hypnodieting which help compulsive eaters take charge of their diet and lose weight.

The idea of a virtual gastric band – which saves overweight people needing the real op – is especially intriguing and I approve of anything that reduces the number of people having this drastic surgery.

The technique is also branching out to treat other problems including phobias and Tourette’s syndrome.

Hypnotherapy v hypnosis

When we think of hypnosis, what comes to mind for most of us is the stereotypical image of a stage hypnotist waving a watch, saying: “You’re feeling very sleepy,” before making you cluck like a chicken.

That’s the type of hypnosis in which you’re put into a deep trance and become under someone else’s control.

Deep-trance hypnosis has its uses. I once witnessed an obstetrician give a woman an anaesthetic-free caesarean section while she was hypnotised – a technique known as hypnoanaesthia. But, in my opinion, it is not as useful a technique as hypnotherapy, which is all about

self-empowerment and taking charge of your own thoughts and behaviours rather than handing over control to someone else.

Mind over matter

This newer form of hypnotherapy involves a practitioner teaching you how to get into a relaxed state of mind, in which you […]

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Agoraphobia and Panic Attacks

Agoraphobia and Panic Attacks

Louie Spence reveals secret 30-year battle with agoraphobia and panic attacks

HE is one of TV’s most flamboyant stars. But dance expert Louie Spence today reveals he has fought a 30-year battle with panic attacks and ­a fear of being outdoors. It affects him so badly that despite his fame and wealth he is still too nervy to move out of his ­modest London council flat. Louie, 42, said: “To this day the flat is only place I feel safe. I still suffer with anxiety every day. It’s not just going to disappear ­because ­people know who I am. “I go in, shut the door, sit on my sofa and I’m safe.” It is the first time the star, who burst on to TV screens in ­Pineapple Dance Studios last year, has felt able to speak out about the condition, which first struck when he was 12 years old. He added: “To control it I’ve had therapy and hypnotherapy and I’m able to deal with it far better now. I know I’m not going to die.”

Source: by Dean Piper, Sunday Mirror 17/04/2011 Read more:

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