Claire Dares… Hypnosis

The first of Claire Adams’ on-going series where she tries out things she would normally not have considered. How did she get on in the hypnotist’s chair?

Last week when I was asked to be hypnotised against my fear of heights, all manner of pre-conceptions entered my head; I was convinced they would make me believe I was a goat in a Paul McKenna-style way.When I arrived at the Alexander Practice though, I was immediately put at ease; he talked me through exactly what was going to happen so I let him work his magic on me.  The relaxing music began and Geoffrey began his talk – and, in case you’re wondering, there was no swinging clock.I was under for 35 minutes and I have to say I remember most of it.  I was fully aware of what was happening the whole way through, it was like day dreaming in a way, sort of half awake and half asleep – a state I’m in most days to be honest. Claire Adams

                                                                                             Claire Adams
So the real question has to be, has it worked????

For the first 15 minutes or so, Geoffrey talked me through relaxing the muscles in my body – it worked, I couldn’t feel the chair I was sat on, my hands were completely numb and my mouth was wide open but I couldn’t shut it (not very attractive).


Well, on my return, I hauled myself onto the top level of the … car park and peered over the top… nothing, I didn’t have to cling on for dear life as usual, my legs didn’t turn to jelly and I didn’t get that feeling at the bottom of my stomach; I actually felt unbelievably calm.