Diet Cokehead – mum drinks SEVEN PINTS of fizzy pop a day

Diet Cokehead ... Claire Ayton

Diet Cokehead … Claire Ayton

CLAIRE’S headaches as she gave up Diet Coke are more likely to be down to caffeine withdrawal than the sweetener.Her 2424mg of aspartame a day is unlikely to have done any lasting harm. But I can only imagine the bloating she felt consuming such large  quantities of gassy drinks. On every level, kicking her four-litre a day habit is a step towards better health. Hopefully she can one day enjoy the odd can in moderation.

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A MUM told yesterday how she guzzled so much Diet Coke she was diagnosed as ADDICTED.

Thirsty Claire Ayton, 36, ended up needing a fizzy “fix” of SEVEN PINTS a day.

She said yesterday after finally beating a ten-year addiction to the low-calorie treat with the help of a hypnotherapist: “I’d drink it all day.

“People used to comment at how many bottles we bought.”

Teaching assistant Claire reckons that since getting hooked at the age of 26 she knocked back a whopping 25,692 pints — or 14,600 litres.

By the end she was buying 14 two-litre bottles a week — and it was costing her £1,300 a year. But none of the fizz was for husband Des, 37, who runs a car parts business, or sons Conor, 14, and Ellis, 12.

Claire, of Pailton, Warwicks, said: “It was me who drank it all.”

Eventually hypnotherapist Russell Hemming got her to quit her habit by going cold turkey.

He said: “This is the worst case of fizzy drink addiction I’ve ever treated.” He found Claire had become hooked on aspartame — the artificial sweetener in the drink.

Habit ... Claire Ayton's addiction was costing her £1,300 a year

Habit … Claire Ayton’s addiction was costing her £1,300 a year

Ironically it had led to her ballooning in weight from 10st to 13½ by making her crave sweet food.

Claire battled headaches as she quit the drink but is now losing weight.

She said: “Now I just have water with a chunk of orange. My head is clearer and I have so much energy.”