How hypnosis works as a cure?

Hypnosis as a cure?

In our everyday lives we develop thinking habits and patterns of behaviour. Mostly these work for us, like the habit of washing our hands before meals or looking both ways before crossing the road. But sometimes our habits, including our thinking habits, become out-dated or prove to be counter-productive. Then it is useful to change them.

Hypnosis helps us to do this by taking us into ways of operating which are not cluttered with previously-established behaviour patterns. We then have the flexibility to make change without having to fight old patterns of thought or behaviour.

For example. if you have the habit of thinking of yourself in critical and disparaging ways, it may be difficult to change, because your beliefs are so rehearsed and repeated over many years. In those circumstances it may be useful to change to a different thinking style and use that to think of yourself in a positive and accepting fashion.

Or you may have the habit of worrying (talking to yourself inwardly ) at bedtime, which stops you from going to sleep. If you switch to picturing a pleasant scene in your mind instead, this will be a different way of operating for you i.e. self-hypnosis, and it should help you to get around the habit that interferes with restful, easy sleep.

With post-hypnotic suggestions, that is suggestions that you continue the new way of operating beyond the trance state, you can continue the new behaviour or thinking style in your normal, everday life, until it too becomes a habit. The more useful habit will supercede the less useful one. The reason for this is obvious. We all want our ways of behaving and thinking to be easier and more effective in giving us the life that we want. Out of two or more options we will pick the one that gives us the best outcomes.

I could give you many other examples of how you can use hypnosis and self-hypnosis, but the principle on which it works remains the same: change your thinking style and open yourself up to new possibilities for thinking, and feeling and doing things