My Ethos

Phil Green

Phil Green

My ethos …….demonstrates my commitment to deliver the most up to date and as clinically effective therapy as is possible and in sharing this, allows you to understand what is behind the therapy, whilst providing an insight into the person who delivers it.

I currently undertake, and am prepared to, whilst observing patient confidentiality, to carry out the following:-

Maintain relationships with:-
•    All service users (you the client/patient)
•    Carers relatives and visitors to my clinics where ever they be conducted.
•    Clinical and non clinical staff from general practices
•    Clinical and non clinical staff from secondary care providers, carers, charities, etc.
•    Clinical and non clinical staff from community providers, dieticians, district nurses, case managers and psychotherapists, complimentary health service providers.
•    Clinical and non clinical staff from children’s, adult and older peoples mental health services
•    Local Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and the old (PCT’s) Primary Care Trusts.

I also confirm I will:-
•    Work as a high level clinician providing specialist help, assessment and treatments to adults and where appropriate under 18’s with parental / guardian’s guidance.
•    To liaise with GP’s and specialists when and where required or requested.
•    To actively manage caseloads including new and existing clients in line with the requirements of my governing bodies.
•    I undertake to undergo Continual Professional Development (CPD) where possible, as frequently as possible.
•    To manage a comprehensive caseload of both severe and complex (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) IBS patients alongside the general workload of non-IBS Hypnotherapy Clients.
•    I undertake to listen and deal, both sympathetically, compassionately and over all with personal knowledge experience of over 20 Years of suffering IBS, with total understanding during any consultation.
•    I will guarantee security of data, confidentiality, goodwill and trust between me the clinical hypnotherapist and you, the patient.
•    I will evaluate referrals and utilising specialist skills, assess the patient’s suitability to hypnotherapy. To use the appropriate record keeping procedure and provide reports where necessary to other fellow professionals, GP’s or Specialists or therapists offering other interventions which can and will benefit the client in given areas requiring attention.
•    To establish each clients specific needs through careful face to face evaluation techniques.
•    Determine the severity of the patient’s condition and asses any potential risk of deterioration in both their physical and mental health and act accordingly.
•    To be clear with the patient/ client of possible outcomes and duration of hypnotherapy interventions including restrictions of therapy and unrealistic expectations of the client.

Professional and Clinical
•    To act as an advocate to patients, ensuring they and where relevant, their carer’s, are involved in the decision making process with regards to their health and the part they also have/ or can play in the symptoms improvement.
•    To be responsible for putting together appropriate packages of information and hypnotherapy (or care) to meet the individuals holistic needs.
•    To be responsible for communicating effectively and compassionately the needs of patients both to patients and appropriate ‘others’ involved in their ongoing care or that of the ‘IBS patient at large’.
•    To be responsible for being a co-worker with a wide range of other colleagues in the medical and complimentary profession, where appropriate to the needs of the client.
•    To provide expertise in all aspects of hypnotherapy to patients, carers and other health professionals.
•    Collect interpret and interrogate clinical data from a range of resources, including, direct observation, consultations with service users, carers and from correspondence with a range of other fellow professionals involved with client care in the treatment of IBS.
•    To make decisions on a level of input required based on individual need and current hypnotherapy evidence based therapy (NICE etc.).
•    To maintain awareness of current, relevant up to date research, constantly revising working practises, documentation and resources as necessary.
•    To model physical techniques e.g. Hypnotherapy or (CBT) Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques.
•    To model adaptive ‘coping’ and ‘adaptive’ strategies in stress and anxiety provoking situations for the client and the IBS.
•    To guide clients in exposure techniques and utilise therapeutic relationship skills to assist clients  with unavoidable high levels of emotional distress.
•    To evaluate treatment outcomes with clients, selecting appropriately validated assessment techniques where possible.
•    To work autonomously, being accountable for one’s own actions and decisions.

Educational, Consultancy, Audit and Research

•    To attend CPD events regularly and any other training courses to expand skills base.
•    To attend training events and clinical supervision, and maintain personal study in order to maintain an up to date knowledge of current hypnotherapy practice and research evidence.
•    To undertake consultancy role in multi disciplinary teams, to instruct, inform and advise other professionals on the role and use of hypnotherapy.
•    To contribute to research and audit projects within the sphere of hypnotherapy and IBS.
•    Collect data as required.
•    Evaluate results.

Administrative and Managerial

•    To maintain clinical records, in accordance with all known policies and those as dictated by the professional bodies determine as necessary right and proper and upholding their terms and conditions, ethics, guidelines and codes of practice.
•    To elicit, record, collate, and communicate outcomes of clinical activity to such governing bodies as and when required to do so.
•    To contribute to the consultation and engagement of service users in planning and developing existing and new services and products to support the IBS sufferer.

The details above conclusively cover the actions I undertake to whilst servicing the needs of all service users / clients / patients during the course of my treatments and whilst operating HypnoFix the business.

Philip Green Dip.H, MNCH(Reg.),LAPHP,LHS
Clinical Hypnotherapist