Feeling Stressed?

Are You constantly feel tired and irritable?Stress
Are You finding it hard to concentrate?
Are the smallest tasks leave you feeling overwhelmed?

YES! Then you may be suffering from stress. Here is the good news! Your stress can be managed!

Stress originates in your mind with your thoughts and perceptions and hypnotherapy therefore is one of the quickest, simplest and most effective ways of overcoming stress.

Just imagine feeling totally relaxed and calm in any and every situation, leaving you feeling confident and motivated to face any challenge before you. Experience the Feeling of how wonderful it feels to feel calm, in total control and more importantly totally relaxed! With the help of NLP, CBT and clinical hypnotherapy – this can become your reality.

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OK So What is stress and what are the symptoms of stress?

We all suffer at some point in our lives from the effects of stress, so your not unique there! – It’s a part of human nature. Stress, for example in a sports or work environment, can enhance our performance, however if you are feeling totally overwhelmed by stress, all the time, then it is time to do something about it before the stress affects your health (stroke/heart attack etc.), self esteem and performance both at work and play.

Most events in our lives are not dangerous or life threatening in any way; however we still get stressed when we think about them, that presentation at work, meeting new people,the dentist etc. Research has shown that it is how we perceive these events and our thoughts about them that determines how we react. If our mind perceives an event as stressful then our body will respond and these physical symptoms can leave us feeling totally out of control.

Symptoms of stress

Difficulty sleeping                                             Feeling tense and on edge
Upset stomach / IBS                                         Feeling tired all the time
Tightness in shoulders and neck                 Palpitations and butterflies
Poor memory and concentration                Excessive drinking and smoking
Headaches and migraines                             Feeling emotional and apathetic
Shortness of breath, dizziness                     Feeling remote and disinterested
Sweating lethargic                                            No appetite for food or life in general

These are just some of the symptoms of stress and anxiety – however always ensure that symptoms are checked out by your doctor.

We offer Stress Management Techniques here at HypnoFix

Hypnotherapy ( Clinical Hypnosis) can help in a number of ways to alleviate YOUR stress. Firstly the hypnotic state  in itself is a natural relaxing state similar to when your just about dropping off to sleep. Analytical hypnotherapy will help me pin point the underlying cause of your stress and we both can resolve the issue and deal with the emotions surrounding them to alleviate the stress associated with them.

Give me a call on 01384 621857 to see how I can help you manage your stress or alternatively drop me email at advice@hypnofix.co.uk. I look forward to hearing from you

Stress …..that it is our perception of an event that causes us stress more than the actual real event itself.

Hypnosis allows us to communicate with the subconscious mind and alter these perceptions reducing the stress and it’s effect on YOUR mind, YOUR body and YOUR emotions.

Having read this. If you know you are suffering from stress then the sooner you take action to overcome your stress the less likely you are to suffer from long term damage, such as depression or heart disease.

So take action NOW today! – CONTACT me or ring for your free telephone consultation to discuss how I can help you manage your stress.


Research Has Shown That

Long Term Stress left untreated and allowed to continue, ends up resulting in excessive stress, this can eventually lead to serious illness if left unchecked. The sooner you resolve YOUR stress issues, the less likely you are to suffer from the long term effects of stress.

Prolonged exposure excessive stress can result in:

High blood pressure

Heart conditions such as angina Heart attack
Certain forms of cancer
Mental breakdown


…….Or a combination of the above!

Long term stress is also been implicated or responsible for causing insomnia, eczema, psoriasis, mood swings, weight loss, chronic head aches, memory problems, decreased sexual drive and decreased resistance to infections and allergies.

So act today and save yourself the heartache, save your family and children from having to deal with stress themselves worrying about you. You owe it to yourself as well as them.

See you Soon?