Stress of exams
Try to reduce the stress levels of exam season

Reduce Stress of exams –  There are lots of ways to prepare for exam success and avoid the exam blues. I remember the pressure of exams which hits at the age when everyone feels they’d be better off out partying with friends or having a game of football are playing on the game boy or computer. The problem is, what once seemed like a distant memory in our own lives. The thoughts come back as soon as your own children find themselves in the same situation – EXAMS!. Exam season is upon us and it isn’t much fun for the whole family. May be you’ve had to cancel holidays fro a while till the dreaded deed is done?

 What can a parent do to help? How can you do to help?

Firstly – Keep calm and be supportive. Dont stress on their behalf, easier said than done I hear you say mmm. There is maybe more than one child in the house yes? well try to treat all equally otherwise world war III will ensue One important thing parents can do is take action to stop their brother or sisters acting up because they are jealous of the attention their brother or sister is getting. Try to explain it is just for a short while and do things they enjoy with them to make sure they don’t feel left out. Even with the best intentions in the world you can’t sit your children’s exams for them (nor do you wish to perhaps!) so getting through with the least amount of stress is important. Avoid setting up expectations by telling your son or daughter that you know they will do well – it would be better to tell them that you want them to do their best. They can be pleased with themselves if they have tried their very best that’s all you can ask Small treats along the way is a good way to make your child feel important and cared for.

Teenagers in the middle of exams, Don’t over pressure or over burden them at this time. It is vital to keep things in perspective. GCSEs and A-Levels may seem like the only way to success at the moment that’s not alway true or right for your child. we all want them to do well but if they end up unhappy for the rest of their lives then you may be reminded of this in later years, there are plenty of other routes to happiness.

Teenagers should avoid people who wind them up easily and the defeatist child I’m gonna fail this and fail that,instead hang out with people who make them feel calm and are realistic and ‘balanced ‘ in their outlook. Those characters can also be the best ones to turn to when you don’t understand something in your subject.

There is nothing worse than spending ages trying to get your head around something for too long because the chances are you’ll just get over stressed and blow it out of all proportion and stress even more. So ask a teacher or a reliable friend – if they’re studying for the same subject there’s a good chance they’ll know and you might even be able to help them.

Phil Green

Phil Green

Philip Green, has helped people of all ages overcome their fear of exams and presentations. He said: “Firstly I would encourage parents to help their children to find a good space in which to study. this space is their space and should be respected their need for peace and quiet or ipod should be respected I needed some background noise to study some do others don’t.

Agree a timetable between you for studying and make everyone in the house aware that they need to be considerate during this time Supportive, encouraging and Keep your own anxiety under control they will sense it and pick up on your changed behaviour. As a hypnotherapist I am well aware that many people approach exams with fear & trepidation rather viewing them as the chance to confirm the knowledge they have attained over a period of time and see the ‘Pass grade’ a reward effort and hard work.

The Fear Factor inhibits the capacity to learn. It is the fear we deal with before exam day arrives. The establishment of a routine lies at the core as poor study habits can result in total frustration and desperation. There are valuable strategies and skills that can be imparted to aid memory retention and help the examinee to manage their time far more effectively.

By establishing these key things no need for sleepless nights and anxiousness or even tears over exams. Ater all new strategies will help to help learning make a powerful difference to the whole process.

When we feel we are out of control and cant see the wood for the trees the situation seems hopeless This is  all about enabling people to take control and even enjoy the approach to the learning experience and exams with self-confidence and motivation are key.

Top Tips To Revise More Effectively

There are lots of ways to prepare for exam success and avoid the exam blues.

Here are Phil’s tips for effective revision:

Use just one particular space to study. It should be somewhere quiet and free from interruptions for the duration of the study period with  absolutely no distractions. Approach study time with a positive attitude and put some thought into what you are going to achieve each time. – target or goal for the day Break huge amounts of revision down into smaller chunks so that you can track progression more easily. You couldn’t eat an elephant in one bite now could you? Test yourself at the end of each small block of learning to consolidate your understanding and only move on if you have truly understood the work so far. don’t cheat because you’re only cheating yourself aren’t you? Consistent reviewing and testing of material will help to commit the information more effectively to long term memory. write it down again if you want to. Allow breaks in between learning tasks. 5 to 10 minutes go outside and get a breath of fresh air may be.

Reading huge amounts in one sitting can be totally’ll be a blur and I don’t mean the group either Little and often is the key to successful learning Little and often, as the mind needs to process the information learned effectively. If you want to improve concentration remember to eat! a good diet not burgers n pizza eh! Eat healthy, regular meals and snacks and always make sure that you have a glass of water to hand. The brain functions better when hydrated and also get a good night’s sleep no up till two in the morning.

Meditation and breathing techniques are valuable aids which can help with sleep problems. They calm the mind and body and at this time it’s needed. Finally be kind to yourself! Treat yourself by taking the time to do something that you really enjoy for at least a few minutes each day. Whatever it may be we all respond well to rewards so take the time to give yourself a pat on the back. You’re worth it because  – if you have done the above  deserve it!

Specialist sessions are available for exam nerves at no matter what level – I appreciate these things I’m married to a deputy Head-teacher I hear the stories of upset at exam time. Dont Be!


So either do the things above or if you want come and see me call 01284 621857 for an appointment