Sports Enhancement

Sports Enhancement

Sports Enhancement with Hypnotherapy

Sports Enhancement with Hypnotherapy – No matter whether you are involved in school sports, football tennis junior golf: a weekend footballer, or an adult who enjoys staying fit. You may even be a professional sportsperson or athlete you want to, not only enjoy your sport, but excel in it. Many people find this may prove to be a difficult task.  Migrating to the next level of performance isn’t always as easy as, changing up a gear in the car, its not as easy as one may like think. You may find that evenwith lessons from your pro, coach trainer or instruction you are still not able to improve your time, score, record, speed.

How we think about our performance plays a huge role in the physical performance and outcome. Hypnotherapy provides a great resource to “get in the zone” and focus your mind on the outcome you want. It’s a matter of getting your mind from blocking your physical performance by allowing your skills to perform. Ask yourself what goes thru your mind right before you hit that ball…right before you step on the field…before you are up? If your mind is filled with memories of bad performances or doubt or that little internal voice telling you that you can’t do it what do you think your odds are of a positive result?

Why not get back to a level of enjoyment with your sport. Hypnotherapy can teach you the skills to reduce your stress level and focus on a positive outcome. Wouldn’t it be nice to recall those positive performances rather than the negative ones. Perhaps you are not spending as much time in […]

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Sports Hypnosis

Sports Hypnosis

Sports Hypnosis – Get the edge and find out how it can make you a great performer

Whether you simply want to feel more motivated to go to the gym, or whether you need a competitive edge to win. I use hypnosis to eliminate many obstacles that can be removed from your mind leading you effortlessly towards your goals and desires.

Sports hypnosis is now in the mainstream of sports development. The mind is part of the art of great performance – no mental direction – no performance. The points raised below will allow you to appreciate the importance of non interrupted and controlled visualisation that can achieve the desired results. The history of hypnosis in sport goes back to the 1956 Olympics where the Russians are testament to that winning for what is now the  Soviet Union 37 (Gold)     29 (Silver)     32 (bronze)     98 (total)

They took 11 hypnotherapists to the games.

The biggest percentage of sports people coming to visit Sports hypnotherapists tends to be those wishing to improve their golf. However, hypnosis can be equally useful with all kinds of individual and competitive sports. The greatest of champions and athletes also tend to be the ones who have learned to think successfully, they have mastered the psychology of their individual sport. You can do this too…

Hypnosis in sports performance is focussed on enhancing the mental state of that sportsperson or team. Achieving the edge in competition, one contestant over another is what its all about. Could be described as YOUR secret weapon, no one need know if you don’t wish them too. Consultations are done usually away from […]

Psychology of sport

Psychology of sport

The inside track on the psychology of sport Knees knocking on the oche? Getting the yips on the green? Leeds boxer-turned hypnotherapist Daniel McDermid may be able to help.Grant Woodward reports. Normally boxers send you into a trance with a nifty right hook, but Daniel McDermid is aiming to do it through hypnotherapy instead. Having ducked and weaved his way past the stereotype that anyone who steps into a ring is a few sandwiches short of a picnic, the professional super bantamweight boasts a degree in psychology, a diploma in clinical hypnotherapy from the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and is a member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis. Golf

And he’s now putting his skills to good use at the Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic, offering help with everything from phobias, anxiety and depression to life management, relationships and sexual matters.

“I realise some people might think it’s a bit strange for a professional boxer to be doing something like this but my boxing actually helped me pay for my course,” says Daniel at his offices in York Place in Leeds City Centre. “I studied psychology at Trinity and All Saints and found it really interesting, but it wasn’t working one-on-one with people, and that’s what I really wanted to do.

“With hypnotherapy I enjoy the fact that I’m helping someone and hopefully making a difference in their life, rather than just analysing the theory behind it all.”

One of the areas where Daniel’s boxing background pays off is in the growing field of sports psychology. He can help when it comes to struggling snooker players, batsmen who can’t score […]

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Golf Think Away Your ‘Double Bogey’ Baggage

Golf Think Away Your ‘Double Bogey’ Baggage

Millions of golfers stand at the first tee, address the ball, take their swing, and then wonder why they can’t achieve the coveted level of play that Tiger Woods has been known for year after year. “The answer is rigid training and, of course, total focus on your game,” explains Dr. Kenneth Grossman, internationally-known golf hypnotherapist. “Unfortunately, Mr. Woods has lost that intense game focus because of distracting and very negative mental chatter caused by his recent personal issues.”

Dr. Grossman, who was recently quoted in a Time Magazine article (April 4, 2010 Edition), “Tiger at the Masters: A Test of Mental Preparation”, has been counseling professional golfers and other athletes around the world for over 30 years. “One of the major problems with golfers is that they can drag all their problems such as marriage, health, money, and low self-confidence issues with them at every hole.” He went on to point out that, “Many golfers not only carry their golf bag around 18 holes but they also drag an even heavier bag of personal problems as well. This excess baggage is a major cause of sub-par performance.”

As many pros have said, “Golf is truly a mental game.” Dr. Grossman has observed that when players don’t do well, such as Tiger Woods’ recent inability to make the cut at Quail Hollow or withdrawing from the Players Championship after only six holes, it’s often because of tension, outside distractions and symptoms of anxiety. “Hypnosis is a tool that counteracts stress and helps a golfer to relax physically and mentally,” added Grossman.

Dr. Kenneth Grossman has trained thousands of golfers in self-hypnosis, a process whereby your conscious mind steps out of the […]

Hypnosis ‘can help ease motor neurone disease

Motor Neurone Disease

Hypnosis ‘can help ease motor neurone disease

THE power of hypnosis is being used for the first time in Tyneside to help control symptoms in patients with motor neurone disease. Health Reporter Helen Rae takes a look at this alternative form of therapy.

HYPNOTHERAPY can, at times, be associated with showmen peddling silly pranks in front of packed-out theatres. But this holistic therapy can be an alternative form of health treatment, which is said to use the healing powers of the mind to help tackle a whole host of medical problems.

And for the first time in Tyneside, hypnosis is being used to help those live with debilitating motor neurone disease (MND).

Lisa Cairns, clinical hypnotist at Newcastle’s St Oswald’s Hospice, is currently carrying out a PhD to look at the use of hypnosis in controlling symptoms in patients with the condition.

Her study involves helping patients control their saliva secretions, a common symptom of MND.

Since qualifying as a hypnotist in 2002, Lisa, of Woodside, Ryton, has helped as many as 10 people alleviate their symptoms of MND and curb their saliva problems by the use of hypnotherapy.

The 39-year-old said: “The original idea to use hypnosis for MND came from a patient who had tried medication and radiotherapy to control one of her salivary glands, with little benefit. MND patients produce normal amounts of saliva, but in some patients the disease impairs swallowing, which causes the saliva to spill out of the mouth instead of being swallowed.

“The use of hypnosis could appear to be an unusual approach, but dentists trained in clinical hypnosis use this technique to dry the mouth to allow them to carry out procedures.

“We also know from existing research that hypnosis can influence the […]

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