Benefit from Hypnotherapy

Benefit from Hypnotherapy

Mesothelioma Patients May Benefit from Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapist is treating a woman

The word “hypnotism” used to scare me. My mom taught us to avoid it, though I never understood the reasons behind the warning. I certainly didn’t want someone else “taking control” of my mind.

I recently discovered hypnotherapy for myself. After several appointments with Sandy Drenner, a hypnotist and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner in Orlando, I can tell you firsthand there is nothing to fear. She helped me process some self-esteem issues and also helped me to form new beliefs about how I define success.

And when I discovered hypnotism can benefit mesothelioma patients and their friends and family, I knew it was time to learn even more about it. So I spoke with Drenner at length about the topic. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

The Hidden Wonders of Hypnotism

Q: How can hypnotherapy be useful for patients with mesothelioma and their loved ones?

A: Clinical/Medical Support Hypnotherapy can provide support physically and emotionally. Clients can be taught how to calm the body using self-hypnosis, how to manage the effects of pain, allowing the body more physical comfort. Hypnosis can also prepare clients for upcoming medical tests and surgery, allowing the body to be calmer and receive treatment.

I have been privileged to work with people with cancer. I find hypnosis a great adjunct to medical treatment. It is designed to complement what the physicians are doing and thus create the best environment for the body to heal.

For patients and loved ones, it can be a very therapeutic way to process emotions and even grow spiritually if […]

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Hypnotherapy in Dudley

Hypnotherapy in Dudley

HypnoFix Clinical Hypnosis in Dudley provides hypnotherapy services for the Dudley and surrounding areas. Please click here to go to the HypnoFix homepage.

Hypnotherapist Phil Green offers hypnosis and hypnotherapy sessions for health and well-being in Dudley, West Midlands. The hypnotherapy practice is easily accessible from surrounding areas.

If you are interested in hypnosis and hypnotherapy sessions with hypnotist Phil Green, you can find directions to us on the contact page above.

If you have any queries, would like to discuss any aspects of therapy with us wish to book sessions please call us on 01384 621 857 or mobile 07930638249. You can also email at:

Phil Green can help you change, after-all, change is the key to your return to happiness, because, if we do what we have always done, we will undoubtedly, get what we have always got. That goes for our thinking and actions.

Start the change process today and let Phil Green and HypnoFix move you forward in your life and achieve your ambitions and goals.

Phil Has helped many to rediscover what life has been missing recently and also to rediscover a more fulfilling and peaceful life going forward. That’s the direction we are traveling after-all, the past is the past and shouldn’t influence the future, with my help it won’t

Feel free to spend some time to look all around our website. You will find useful information on:

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Hypnotherapy for Bad Habits in Dudley

Hypnotherapy for […]

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Manchester United’s Darren Fletcher

Manchester United’s Darren Fletcher

Darren Fletcher has offered no guarantees that he will be back in the Manchester United side next season, having turned to hypnotherapy among other treatments in an attempt to beat a career-threatening bowel condition. The 28-year-old said IBSSlogohis aim was to return in August, following the diagnosis of his debilitating ulcerative colitis, though that seems to be an aspiration rather than a certainty.

“I’m OK,” Fletcher said. “I’m taking all my medication and listening to the doctor. It’s a week-by-week situation so I’ve not got any timescale on recovery, but the target for me is next season now. If I can come back then that would be great for me.

“It’s something that will never leave me, but you have to find somehow a way to manage it. I’m trying everything under the sun – diet, hypnotherapy.”

Fletcher, who has been working with United reserves during his time on the sidelines, was speaking at a Manchester United Foundation lunch.

Professor Chris Probert, a consultant gastroenterologist at the Royal Liverpool Hospital, has said he would be “very surprised” if Fletcher could perform again at his former level. “He must have been extremely fit to have been able to play for as long as he has,” Probert said. “It seems inconceivable that he would not have had his performance impaired somehow by the condition and it’s no surprise that he’s been forced to take short breaks from time to time.”

Read more:

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Slimmer who lost 10st

Slimmer who lost 10st on diet lands new job as fitness instructor

SUPER slimmer Helena Cameron lost HALF her body weight – and landed a job as a fitness instructor.

Helena, who’s 5ft 6in, weighed 20 stone when she was 25 and couldn’t even walk to the shops.

Now, at 27, she’s a trim 10 stone thanks to hypnotherapy and exercise – and a personal trainer hired by her worried gran.

helena cameron slimmer in old clothes

And she’s started a new full-time job with trainer David Wilson, helping others shed the pounds.

“I feel great,” Helena said last night. “I can’t believe the change. I have my life back.”

Helena, of Waterfoot, Renfrewshire, started piling on the weight as a 13-year-old with anxiety problems. She gorged on junk food, chocolate, sweets, crisps and fizzy drinks, and would eat a large pizza herself at night.

Just walking as far as the car made Helena’s feet throb and she dreaded going out in case people laughed at her.

The last straw came when she went away on holiday and had to have an extension for her seatbelt plane.

She said: “The embarrassment was excruciating.”

But Helena’s life began to change in December 2008 when her gran Helen called David, and the former St Mirren midfielder used psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, diet and exercise to help.

She’d lost five stone by December last year and quit her job child support worker to focus on losing more weight, as well as helping David with his company Rapid Hypno Fitness.

And she completed her transformation last week by starting full-time work with the firm. She said: “Thanks to my grandmother, I feel amazing.”

Source: Nov 8 2011 […]

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Antony Cotton’s I’m A Celeb hypnotherapy

Antony Cotton’s I’m A Celeb hypnotherapy

Antony Cotton had hypnotherapy and saw a therapist to get over his fears prior to taking part in ‘I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!’.

Antony Cotton's I'm A Celeb hypnotherapy

Antony Cotton underwent therapy to conquer his fears before taking part in ‘I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!’.

The 36-year-old actor – who is best known for playing Sean Tully in ‘Coronation Street’ – also had hypnotherapy to get over his phobias of heights, flying and small spaces and is hoping his stint in the Australian jungle will make him well and truly overcome his worries.

He said: “I have a morbid fear of flying. I don’t like heights and I am claustrophobic. I have had hypnotherapy and I have also been to therapy to face my fears.

“The therapy was amazing even though in the days leading up to going in the jungle, I did have moments where I wondered why on earth I had said yes! But life is to live and so I think ‘Why not do it?’

“Doing this show is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am hoping it will make me face up to my fears.”

Antony believes he will be a good campmate as he has many useful skills for surviving in a group in the great outdoors, but admits he can’t stand confrontation.

He said: “I am a good cook. I’d also like to think I am a good shoulder to cry on. I am really looking forward to meeting new people and making some nice friends. I am practical too. I am a leader and I like to make sure things are done […]

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My bedtime secret is addiction to hypnotherapy

BBC star Evan Davis: My bedtime secret is addiction to hypnotherapy

Evan Davis, the presenter of the Today programme and Dragons’ Den, shares his secrets for a good night’s sleep.

Evan Davis

Evan Davis is known for his ‘punk’ outfits and jewellery in unusual places Photo: Rex Features
 Sleep is an important issue for Evan Davis, who needs to get up at 3.15am. Now, the presenter of Radio 4’s Today programme has revealed his bedtime secrets, and they are just as unconventional as other aspects of his life.

Davis, 49, tells Mandrake that he relies on his long-term companion, the French landscape architect Guillaume Baltz — and hypnotherapy.

“The blackout blind comes down, he’ll shut the curtains, I go to bed and he puts on the tape,” says Davis, who also presents the BBC Two television programme Dragons’ Den.

“It’s a nice little tape that tells me to go to sleep. It’s hypnosis. It’s a bloke going, ‘Go to sleep’. It really works.”

Davis, speaking after his bedtime at a talk about his new book, Made in Britain, at Foyles, tells me that the recording works so well he is now unable to fall asleep without it.

“It fills your brain with soft fluff that slowly eases out all the stimulating things that you’re thinking,” says the presenter, who is known for his “punk” outfits and jewellery in unusual places.

“There are one or two — I won’t name them because it is probably against BBC policy to do so — but I very rarely get 15 minutes into it without it knocking me to sleep. I’ve never enjoyed sleep as much until I got the Today job. There is something about early sleep […]

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Insomnia destroyed my marriage

Insomnia destroyed my marriage

One woman’s account of how sleepless nights robbed her of a husband

Most of us know the pain of one sleepless night and the crippling tiredness it leaves the next day.

But for a  quarter of the population, insomnia is a daily struggle. Bridget Davidson, a 36-year-old florist from Cambridge, spent seven years lying awake in bed next to her sleeping husband.

Here, she tells LORRAINE FISHER how insomnia ruined her marriage . . .

Restless nights: Bridget Davidson spent seven years lying awake next to her sleeping husband... and it cost her their marriageRestless nights: Bridget Davidson spent seven years lying awake next to her sleeping husband… and it cost her their marriage

Walking around the house from room to room, I ran my hand over every single wall that had once been mine.

My mind raced back through myriad memories — one, in particular, of my husband John and I picking up the keys to our new home and moving endless boxes into each empty room, then collapsing, exhausted, into our bed on our very first night.

Now, as John asked if I was ready to go so we could lock up for the last time, tears ran down my cheeks. I was saying goodbye to the house — and the marriage — I’d once adored.

Most marriages end because of betrayals,  hurt and anger on either side, but after seven years together, ours had ended because of sheer exhaustion.

John had told me that I had changed beyond recognition, that I was no longer the carefree, happy woman he’d met more than a decade earlier. And, harsh though it was to hear, I could only agree.

I had become a walking shadow of my former […]

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Cheer up

Cheer up

Jack Dee is back with Lead Balloon but what will it take for him to cheer up?

Rick Spleen is a ‘what-if version of me’, says Jack Dee. Well what if we made it our mission to cheer him up?

There’s a dark cloud approaching … oh, and the weather doesn’t look too great either. The cloud in question is Jack Dee, comedy’s most lovable grump, who has agreed to let the Guardian and its very own crack team of happiness experts spend the day trying to cheer him up. Of course, when we say “crack team of happiness experts” what we actually mean is a journalist with a ticket for the duck bus.

The plan is as follows. We’ll board the London Duck Tour‘s amphibious vehicle at Waterloo station and travel by land and sea (well, the Thames) through the capital while bringing joy and happiness into Jack’s gloomy world. Along the way we might even chat about Lead Balloon (Dee’s sitcom is back for a fourth and final series) and Jack’s status as a bit of a Brit comedy icon.

“Now, you might have noticed that this bus has a name – Rosalind,” announces, Craig, our tour guide for the day, as the Duck Tour driver revs the engine. “All of our buses are named after heroines from Shakespeare’s plays. This one was originally going to be called Ophelia but if you’ve read Hamlet you’ll know she drowned at the end, so it’s probably a […]

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Depression and Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety

Therapy decreases patients depression and anxiety

Research suggests that therapy effectively decreases patients’ depression and anxiety and related symptoms – such as pain, fatigue and nausea. Psychotherapy, particularly anxiety therapy, has been found to increase survival time for heart surgery and cancer patients, and it can have a positive effect on the body’s immune system. Research increasingly supports the idea that emotional and physical health are very closely linked and that psychotherapy can improve a person’s overall health. There is convincing evidence that most people who have at least several sessions of psychotherapy are far better off than untreated individuals with emotional difficulties. One major study showed that 50 percent of patients noticeably improved after eight sessions while 75 percent of individuals in counseling psychotherapy improved by the end of six months. Psychotherapy with children is similar in effectiveness to psychotherapy with adults.

If you or your child are facing challenges in life, or just need a little extra support in managing your work, family or relationship stresses, counseling psychotherapy can help you learn techniques to manage stress efficiently.

There are several different therapeutic methods a therapist may employ—cognitive behavioral (CBT), art therapy, play therapy, anxiety therapy, hypnotherapy, family system therapy—and many counseling psychotherapy approaches draw upon various methods to create a custom-made therapy program. Therapists often work with their clients to create a treatment plan that encompasses different techniques to best address their client’s particular problems. Whether your prefer play therapy, anxiety therapy, or an eclectic approach – psychotherapy should be a partnership between you and a licensed professional. The appropriate counseling psychotherapy approach will depend on your personal therapy goals. Search online directory to review […]

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Phobias: How I Beat My Fear Of Butterflies

Phobias: How I Beat My Fear Of Butterflies

Story Image CBT sessions helped Tina overcome her phobia

MORE than two million Britons suffer from phobias. Although they can seem insignificant to others, the condition can dominate lives. Adrian Lee talks to one woman about how she overcame her anxiety.

WHEN Tina Crawford was making plans for her wedding, there was one overriding fear. She was terrified that her big day would be ruined by a butterfly or moth fluttering into  the church as she walked down  the aisle. If that happened she  knew that within a few seconds she’d be frozen to the spot, begin hyperventilating and could faint.

More than two million Britons suffer from phobias and although often trivialised or ridiculed, they can dominate lives.

Celebrities suffer from them too. Earlier this month Kylie Minogue revealed her own bizarre phobia. The singer is terrified of coat hangers, she hates the sight and sound of them and has even designed a special wardrobe to display her outfits.

In Tina’s case, the 38-year-old was compelled to arrange her wedding in the depths of winter when she knew the chances of an encounter with a moth or butterfly were negligible.

“People don’t appreciate how a phobia can disable you in so many ways,” says Tina, a former television researcher from Croydon, south London, who is now a full-time mum to Toby, two. “I kept the windows shut in summer and was frightened to go out of the house.

“Even the thought of a butterfly or a picture of one in a book could be enough to make me sick. We even arranged holidays to cold places where there was less chance of coming across them.”

Her phobia began […]

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