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The root of nearly all illness has its footing in Stress. Here are a collection of videos that piece together Stress and help you better understand it.  It will also help you understand what we do here at HypnoFix, to help you eliminate, or change your way of thinking, so that stress does not still have the devastating impact on your life.

Call today for an appointment if these explanations have helped you in any way. We can go on from here and build on this foundation of knowledge, and strengthen the building that is you, for the future.

Enjoy the following videos

An interesting Global clue to stress!

Getting stress into context is important. To do that requires some understanding about the subject. Take a look here that shows studies into Stress and its impact upon us. By studying animals there are some similarities that are an eye opener. Understand the Stress response and its impact upon your body. This laid back video explains even the scientist acknowledges he suffers from stress the difference is he knows when its happening. Many who are affected by stress don’t know the signs only the symptoms when the are experiencing stress – Too late! Hypnofix helps you understand stress and then identify the triggers and the point where excessive pressure becomes stress and more importantly How to deal with it then how to make changes so you don’t get the same result.


How Stress affects your body

Stress affects everything in your body! Yes everything! From breathing, digestion,blood pressure even fertility, Constipation, Diarrhoea. Why stress? contact us today to start work on eliminating this horrific thing in your life.



A Source of family stress!

What are the contributors to stress, Cold flu any changes that are not expected can cause stress. Are you organised? Are your arguing? do you discuss things?



Managing Stress at work!

We have created multiple video tutorials that quickly and accurately walk you through Stress. All videos are a collection of relevant material to allow you to understand just how important it is to deal with Bad Stress. We took lots of time in selecting them to address the differing aspects of Stress and we have tried to make them as helpful as possible which will allow you to visually see first hand how Stress ‘operates’. With these great videos, and our service, you will be able quickly and easily understand the need for our services and products!



Ways to cope with Stress!

This small presentation allows you to understanding the types of stress that can affect you and the ways it can eventually if remaining unchecked, even cause DEATH! The types of stress components that are activated when you cannot endure the pressure you are under or the pressure on you becomes unbearable, these components are both physical and mental stress. The other items show groups of events or circumstances allowing you to perform threat identification. The final points raised here are the components of the perception of Stress.


Is Stress an inside or outside source?!

The view you have about, a person, or situation, project or past event can cause you Stress. The way you talk to yourself in your head – self talk. What you do in the situations, are you too close to the issue? Should you take the helicopter view of the situation?. Are you prone to overanalysis of the situation. Do you get analysis paralysis? Cant do anything because you are always looking for reasons? Prone to Exaggerating!



Your Stress Management!

Identify if you are stressed, physical or mental, stressors, physical Environment, Social Relationships, financial, Life events,Physiological. Then identify the reasons why you are stressed, Change is a major factor. Effective ways to reduce stress in the moment – when it happens, Breathing is vitally important not just to keep you alive, but to stop you hyperventilating or starving yourself of Oxygen.The ability to meditate or the use of visualisation techniques,massages to remove tension from your body, back and neck massages can be particularly advantageous,Not forgetting Physical exercise and last but not least the ability to have a laugh or appreciate humour!


From Cave Man to Today!

Yes times have changed from the cave men and the stone age and so have our stressors. Its no longer a dinosaur thats trying to eat us, but, pressure of the office, boss, or job demands, it could be presentations or performance management targets ,KPI’s or just high volume work throughput requirements of the business wer are in.Understanding the effects of all this and what is going on with our internal organs when all these demands are on us and the pressure has been exceeded is important. You can see the stress hormones or chemicals surging through the whole body causing processes to occur which are out of our control it may seem, these impact on our lives and the lives of those around us, understanding this is vitally important if we are to bring about the desired change to our behaviour in order to prevent destruction of our physical body and reduce physical illnesses.
HypnoFix has the tools in its toolbox to educate you and your staff in ways that can reduce the ill effects of stress and reverse illness in some cases to a level more acceptable. A level where the pressure is kept in its place and strategies in place to deal with such times. Call Us Now for details how we can help you the individual or the organisation overcome these destructive practises.