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HypnoFix’s Four Areas of Expertise

Hypnofix  provides therapy for individuals, consultancy and in-house training courses to private and public sector organisations throughout the UK. Our extensive training experience has been gained in the area of Stress Management, Resilience and Wellbeing over the years. I have been specialising in anxiety and stress management, working with individuals and groups of employees.

Stress recognition

Pressure affects all of us in different ways. Some people thrive on it utilising good stress or Eustress to their advantage. Others feel overwhelmed by even small amounts of pressure.The ability to managing pressure is determined by the balance between our coping strategies and the levels of demands upon us. When there is more pressure than we can handle it becomes Stress.The first priority is to reduce tension and increase self awareness of the ‘mind and body’ response to anxiety and stressful situations. This is what we are about, starting to recognise the damaging and unproductive elements that eventually turn out to be destructive stress. The physical responses in the body are a direct result of our thoughts, feelings and emotions in any given situation. Understanding the Fight or Flight mechanism.Learn More

Stress Management

Learning relaxation techniques and coping strategies to reduce the unpleasant physical symptoms of stress enables us to feel more in control. Learning how changes in working practice can reduce absenteeism and increase output and help reduce staff turnover and the incurred costs that that involves. When we feel less overwhelmed and more in control we are able to have a clearer perspective on the situation. Often our perception of demands being made by others are not accurate or the demands are ones we put on ourselves. If the demands are unrealistic or unachievable then we are setting ourselves up for a fall. We then need to find ways of reducing the levels of pressure by making some changes in our life and the way we work.Learn More

Systems Creation

The service offered to companies is much the same as to individuals in one respect, as it’s tailor made. The ‘system’ or process will differ for different individuals, although the process may be the same when we interview or carry out a consultation. The process will start with understanding the individual’s history and significant milestones both in achievement and also emotional wellbeing. A full appraisal of the current situation followed by adequate recording in the client’s notes will take place. We would then jointly discuss the whole situation and devise a route or milestones that we can aim for in therapy. Then using the analysis and agreed milestones we can then formulate a treatment plan, (a road map if you like), to wellness.Learn More

Resilience and Wellbeing

Finding a good balance between demands and our coping abilities is important if we are to survive the fast pace of life today. Here at HypnoFix we can help in all aspects of this work, both for you the  individual, or  for other members of the family who are affected, so all the family can be catered for if necessary. We will be implementing Relaxation techniques to reduce stress and anxiety. This is done so you can get to see the ‘wood for the trees’ so to speak. This work is carried out by visits to our consulting rooms, talks and presentations, through to Family Assistance Programs. We anticipate making available remote use of information and resources via this website too.Learn More

What stress looks like?

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HypnoFix’s Other Services

Stress is costly, Both physically and emotionally but also through loss of earnings.

Hypnofix has developed a FAP Product Family Assistance Product. We all have times when a situation takes over and people get stressed because of it. I have put together a program based upon The Employee Assistance Program (EAP),  offered to employees of companies to keep their staff healthy and available to work. The idea is simple .You can subscribe to a system that is here when you need it.  It guarantees that there is always someone there to help, or sign post directions when you are faced with what seems to be an insurmountable problem and you cant see the wood for the trees.  HypnoFix helps you and your family member’s take the Helicopter view of the situation assisting you come up with a plan to overcome the obstacle, or find a suitable way around the issue. The tool I use will be Counselling, NLP, Hypnotherapy and EFT. Now these may seem a little jingoistic and things you have not heard of, but believe me, in the therapy arena these tools work! Click FAP on the menu to learn more.

HypnoFix offers Stress specific treatments, along with all the other tools that the Clinical Hypnotherapist has for a wide range of issues.

The Fixin Group offers differing products to differing markets. Therefore rather than confuse our reader, we have split the single site that tried to address all the issues, into subject specific sites, addressing mainly the subject in its description.

We have www.FixinStress.co.uk .This site is for both the individual and the business owner. We set out to demonstrate that Stress is a very important area individuals, business directors or business owners should be made aware of. Stress not only wrecks lives, it can wreck businesses both financially and operationally. We show there that we can deliver in minimizing the risk to businesses and in doing so, enables you to comply with health and safety law and reduce, if not eliminate the possibility of a prosecution, conviction and FINE!

Another of our sites www.IBSGone.com  specifically addresses the needs of the individual who is already experiencing the distress of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. This life wrecking syndrome is responsible for more life changing events that the average non sufferer could not simply be aware of. This site shows the latest news, views and products available and also offers way in which you, the sufferer and your family, (because they are also secondary sufferers of IBS), cannot per-sue a normal life because of your symptoms. Learn how we can help you. You may also like to join our support group at www.IBSWM.co.uk .

Further New sites for Sports Hypnotherapy – Golf and Archery to follow.


Is a company required by law to tackle stress? Yes! Is work a source of your stress? As an employer They have a duty under health and safety law to assess and take measures to control risks from work-related stress. This is stress caused by your

  • Treatment for stressed individuals, The provision of a confidential therapy based service helping to negate the effects of stress on You and Yours.
  • Provision for families and You. If you or your immediate families to be covered by HypnoFix FAP Scheme (Family Assist Scheme)
Mental health issues dont deserve the Stigma that is attached to them. We all have had stressful events at some time in our lives. Sometimes stress is like a Bus, there isnt any to be seen ten… two or three lots all come together and the Pressure is so great… we get sick. Private health insurance companies have also seen an increase in the number of claims made by employees through company health policies, which involve mental health or musculoskeletal problems, such as back and neck pain, irritable bowel Syndrome (IBS) or digestive illnesses. This is very significant as often, employees will tell their employer that they are off sick with a physical problem when the real issue is mental health. “Musculoskeletal is a physical thing – it’s something you can tell your employer,” said one patient. “Mental health is at the heart of the issue,” added another. Ensure your issues are reduced by utilising the services on offer from HypnoFix – Call today for details.
Almost 13.5 million working days were lost due to work related stress during 2007/8. While some employers have accepted that stress is a major problem in their workplace, few have any idea how to tackle it effectively. Despite good practice among some employers work related stress continues to be an increasing problem for many individuals health and wellbeing. Stress is one of the biggest health issues at work today. The true extent of stress-related problems is largely hidden because very few people are prepared to admit that they are suffering from stress, or to seek help. It is difficult for those who have not experienced depression, anxiety and despair, which often accompany stress, to fully appreciate the effect stress can have on people’s lives and on the lives of their families. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) accepts there is no such thing as a pressure-free job and we agree. Challenge and stimulation are necessary, but stress is not. If a job is to be done well, stress should be removed. Individuals today, report high levels of work-related stress in all sectors including health and social care, education, call centres, grounds maintenance, libraries, energy and water.

  • The levels of stress experienced will vary between individuals, as will their reactions to stress.
  • Employers often portray stress as an individual problem rather than an organisational one.
  • The usual claim that the stress is caused by problems outside of work
  • While some stress can be caused by factors such as relationships, health and noisy neighbours, work is still one its main causes.
Where’s all the stress happening? Stress is cited as a problem in more than 50% of all workplaces – from 53% in workplaces with fewer than 50 employees, rising to 66% in workplaces with more than 1,000 employees. The results also show that stress is more prevalent in the public sector, where two thirds (66%) identified it as a major concern, compared to 47% of representatives in the private sector. Never the less these aren’t small numbers here!
Stress definition Work-related stress is defined by the HSE as “the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them”. This distinguishes between the beneficial effects of reasonable pressure and challenge, which can be stimulating and motivating, and work-related stress, which is the natural but distressing reaction to demands or ‘pressures’ that an individual perceives they cannot cope with at a given time. Work-related stress facts and figures According to the 2007/8 HSE labour force survey:

  • Around 420,000 individuals in Britain believed they were experiencing work-related stress in 2007/8 at a level that was making them ill
  • An estimated 237,000 people first became aware of work-related stress, depression or anxiety in the previous 12 months
  • Depression or anxiety account for an estimated 10.5 million reported lost working days per year in Britain
Causes and effects of stress Stress may be caused or made worse by a number of factors including:

  • Long hours
  • Shift work
  • Unrealistic targets or deadlines
  • Too much or too little work
  • Lack of control and conflicting demands (especially among the lower grades)
  • Poor management
  • Bad relations with other work colleagues
  • Repetitive work, boredom and lack of job satisfaction
  • Working alone
  • Job insecurity
  • Job or organisational change
  • Low pay
  • Jobs with heavy emotional demands
  • Bullying, harassment and either actual or threatened violence

A poor working environment (such as excessive noise, the presence of dangerous materials, overcrowding, poor facilities, or extremes of temperature or humidity).
The effects of stress can lead to physical symptoms of ill health as well as longer- term psychological damage. Many of the early outward signs will be noticeable to managers and work colleagues and should alert those within the organisation who have control of and responsibility for staff

  • Changes in behaviour
  • Unusual tearfulness, irritability or aggression
  • Indecisiveness
  • Increased sickness absence
  • Poor timekeeping
  • Reduced performance, for example, an inability to concentrate
  • Overworking or failure to delegate
  • Erosion of self-confidence
  • Relationship problems, for example, becoming withdrawn or argumentative with colleagues

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