What patients know about IBS

What patients know or would like to know about IBS

In September’s American Journal of Gastroenterology reports on a national survey regarding patient educational needs in IBS.

IBSSlogoPatient education improves clinical outcomes in patients with chronic illness. However, little is known about the education needs of patients with IBS.Dr Albena Halpert and colleagues from Massachusetts, USA identified patients perceptions about IBS and the content areas where patients feel insufficiently informed.

The content areas included “knowledge gaps” about diagnosis, treatment options, etiology, triggers, prognosis, and role of stress.In addition, the investigators evaluated whether there are differences related to patient perceptions and knowledge among clinically significant subgroups.

The team developed the IBS-Patient Education Questionnaire using patient focus groups and cognitive item reduction of items.The IBS-Patient Education Questionnaire was administered to a national sample of IBS patients via mail and online.

Frequencies of item endorsements were obtained.The team identified clinically relevant groups, including health care seekers or nonhealth care seekers and users or nonusers of the Web. The investigators reported that 1,242 patients completed the survey.The patients‘ mean age was 39 years, with an educational attainment of 15 years, of which 85% were female. The mean IBS duration was 7 years, 79% of patients have seen an MD for IBS in the last 6 months, and 93 % have used the Web for health information.The most prevalent IBS misconceptions included that IBS is caused by lack of digestive enzymes, as viewed by 52%.

The investigators noted that 43% believed that IBS is a form of colitis, and 48% thought that IBS will worsen with age. A further 43% of patients believed that IBS can develop into colitis, 38% thought it may cause malnutrition, and 21% believed it would lead to cancer. The team found that most IBS patients were interested in learning about what foods to avoid, causes of IBS, and coping strategies. The majority of patients were also interested in what medications to use, whether they will they have to live with IBS for life, and research studies.The investigative team observed that patients using the Web were better informed about IBS.

Dr Halpert’s team concluded, “Many patients hold misconceptions about IBS being caused by dietary habits, developing into cancer, colitis, causing malnutrition, or worsening with age.” 48% thought that IBS will worsen with age Source:The American Journal of Gastroenterology “Patients most often seek information about dietary changes, and educational needs may be different for persons using the internet for medical information.”

Source:  Am J Gastroenterol 2007: 102(9): 1972-82 05 September 2007

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